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Buffalo Window Display: St Patrick’s Day

leprechaun inn buffalo ny

How to catch a Leprechaun

Flower and Thumper have traveled deep into the woods to catch a leprechaun. They have turned over a lot of rocks looking, but the haven’t found them yet. They heard the story of the shoemakers of the fairy world are believed to know the location of pots of gold hidden at the end of a rainbow so they sought out and found a rainbow. 

Finding the Pot o' Gold

According to folklore, if found, the Leprechaun will grant three wishes to the seeker that manages to catch them. You can see…if you look close in the window, that Flower has built a small hotel for them to stay in and even managed to find a little rainbow to greet them. Unfortunately, the roguish leprechauns are extremely elusive and have yet to be captured or even slighted. Leprechauns can be slightly mischievous and like to play tricks by turning your flowers green or even turning the gold green!

Look close to see if you can find the leprechaun I am sure flower will catch them by St Patrick’s Day

st patricks day cynthia woltz insurance agency buffalo ny

Stop by our Buffalo, NY office to view the storefront, and to see if you can find the Pot O’Gold!

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