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The Family That’s There For You!

Cynthia Lawson started The Cynthia Woltz Insurance Agency in 1997 when she took over her first agency from Richard Sedlack. Cindy had prior agency experience working alongside her father Delos Stage who originally started in the early 70’s.

As a second generation agent Cindy saw the need for local hands on agents who put their clients needs above their own. That approach has made her a main stay in the community and the reason many of our clients have been with us for decades. As of July 2020 the Cynthia Woltz Insurance Agency is a fully Independent Agency, which means we are no longer restricted to one company to serve you!

“This means we will continue to strengthen our relationships with the companies and carriers that we feel are the best fit for our clients and our community. Having to call around to numerous companies or 1-800 numbers to try to get the best rate is now a thing of the past!

One Call, Does It All….”

Cynthia Lawson

Cynthia Lawson

Cynthia Lawson

Owner and Agent, The Cynthia Woltz Insurance Agency


Meet Our Team

Our staff are well-educated, caring & ready to assist you with whatever your issue is. We will listen to your concerns and help you choose the right product for your situation.

Cindy Headshot

Cynthia Lawson

Cindy is the Primary agent and owner of the Cynthia Woltz Insurance Agency. Coming to the table with over 30 years of experience she is the expertise that we depend on. As a former member of the Nationwide Agent Advisory, and Co-op Marketing President for the North Eastern region she comes fully equipped for any problem or issue that may arise.


Jeremiah Woltz

Jeremy has been a member of the Cynthia Woltz Insurance Agency for over a decade, but many of our long-term clients remember his presence well before he joined us officially.
As Cindy’s son, Jeremy has grown up in the agency, and as a third generation agent, comes with natural experience that is incredibly hard to rival.


Maggie Cady

Maggie joined Cynthia Woltz in 2013, and has been a staple at the Jamestown location ever since. She has become “the voice” of the agency as she is the person you usually hear first. Striving to offer the nicest, best-in-class, and most professional customer experience has become Maggie's driving force within the agency.

Sandra Cotton

Sandra Cotton

Sandra was a former agent of the Fredrick Meka Agency for several years, and continued to stay on as that agency transitioned over to our family. She has been an integral member of our team, and we truly can not remember what Cynthia Woltz Insurance Agency was like without her.

Joanne Eberth

Joanne Eberth

Joanne joined Cynthia Woltz in 2017 and was formerly the new business specialist within the agency. With a passion for saving people money, Joanne has been promoted to the customer retention specialist and has taken on the mission of assisting our existing clients ensuring we meet needs and budget.

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How it Works

After 30 years experience, we have been able to put processes in place that help you understand what and why you are buying the insurance coverage.

Choose Insurance

The average agent just offers comprehensive and collision coverage. However, at Cynthia Woltz Insurance Agency we go the extra step: offering glass coverage, rental car coverage, accident forgiveness, roadside assistance, and other optional coverages that our competitors often forget about.

Contact Us

You deserve better and we are better. We offer a live voice - not a call que that you lose your place in line or you hit the wrong number and have to start all over again. You can also visit us in-person at one of our two convenient locations in Jamestown, NY and Buffalo, NY.

Get Covered

Once we have a better understanding of your situation, we will obtain the best rates from several different carriers. From there we will then notify you of the various options and pay plans available to fit your needs. We will then work together to gather any necessary information and signatures to get the policy in force for you as quickly as possible.

Get Your Insurance Quote

You deserve better and we are better. After 30 years experience providing insurance services in Buffalo, NY, and Jamestown, NY, we have been able to put processes in place that help you understand what and why you are buying the insurance coverage.

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