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Auto Insurance

Auto insurance can seem very simple at face value but as we take our clients through an in depth analysis of their coverage. We typically find that they are either paying for more coverage than they need, or worse, leaving themselves with a large gap in coverage at the time of a claim. 

“Many people take a cookie cutter approach to their auto insurance, but just like a baker making that cookie if you miss one ingredient the whole thing can taste funny! We take a hands-on approach to make sure you have the coverage you need so at the time of a claim you aren’t left with your hand caught in the cookie jar!”

About Our Auto Insurance

Did you know that if you do not carry enough liability coverage on your policy someone can come back and sue you and your personal assets?  Did you know that by taking 15 minutes and selecting your own coverages to save a couple dollars you could be responsible for THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in the event of a claim?  

That’s where we step in!  We sit down with you, either over the phone or in person, to provide you with a customized approach for your needs.  When you leave our agency, you will have confidence that your insurance has you covered like a new tailored suit.  You will know what to expect from your company at the time of a claim and take away any anxiety of unexpected surprises.  

You may be an incredible driver, but you’re not the only one on the road—auto insurance helps provide a safety net when drivers make mistakes.  Many people don’t realize how far auto insurance has come in the last couple years.  Policies today don’t just provide you options for a rental car after a crash, they can also provide you roadside assistance coverage if you are stranded or even Identity Theft coverage to protect your personal information!  Different companies offer different features and that’s why we know them so you only need to know us!

cynthia woltz insurance agency home

Home Insurance

Your home in many people’s cases is their largest asset.  It represents the hard work you have put in and the money you have invested over many years.  Wouldn’t you want the company in charge of protecting it to treat it as valuable as you do?  

“Homeowners insurance covers you from the roof over your head to the foundation under your feet and everything in between. Making sure your policy is built on the solid foundation with a reputable company can mean the difference in $1,000’s of dollars at the time of a claim.”

About Our Home Insurance

Simply put, you need homeowners insurance to protect your home, finances, and livelihood. Homeowners Insurance can be confusing and we work hard with you to make sure we are protecting what matters most.  For some that may be the collection of antiques or paintings on the wall, for others that may be the “she shed” in the backyard.  With a policy catered to your needs you will know you have the best coverage for the price.  

While sitting down with our agents we find most new customers don’t know the boundaries of their policy and what is covered and what isn’t.  The importance of endorsements like; water back-up, service line, ordinance or law, extended theft, brand new belongings, can all mean the difference between having a positive claim experience or getting the bad news that you have no coverage!

We talk the hard truth before a claim so you know what to expect!

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Recreational Vehicles come in many different shapes and sizes.  From your ATV, motorcycle, classic car, or snowmobile to your more complex motorhome,  we are your one stop shop for your insurance needs!  

cynthia woltz insurance agency motorcycle

When it comes to picking the right company for your hobby, the decision might not be as clear as you think. 

About Our Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Sometimes bundling your coverage with your auto or home carrier might be the best option, in other situations, it may be in your best interest to go to a niche carrier that offers the coverages you need.

Did you know if your motorhome breaks down on the road, some carriers will offer you a rental RV so you don’t lose out on that much needed vacation?  What about if your boat breaks down in the middle of the lake, do you have towing coverage for that?  These situations may sound unique but we find our clients in them more often than you might realize.  It’s important to talk to someone who has seen the situations you haven’t and knows how to keep you covered for the unexpected.

cynthia woltz insurance agency commercial

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance comes in many different forms depending on the type of business you are in. Whether you are shopping for General Liability insurance or Errors and Omissions, we have you covered. 

By working with a team that works together you will have the peace of mind that everyone is on the same page with your needs. We have found that this approach minimizes gaps and provides an easier experience for our clients.

“Are you starting a new business? Finding coverage can be hard and confusing. We take a full service approach to provide you the answers and the resources you need to get your business going. If we can’t help, we have someone close by that can. We network with numerous attorneys and lawyers as well as payroll companies and accountants. Whatever your needs, we can help point you in the right direction.”

About Our Commercial Insurance

Already have insurance?  That’s great! We can review your existing policy to make sure you are getting the best value for your dollar.  We know how thin margins can be and we work with you to make sure that your business doesn’t fail as a result of a claim.  If your business was to have a loss would your current company replace the income you lost while you were down?  Would they make sure that your property was brought back up to code so you could reopen promptly without additional down time?  Having the correct insurance at the time of insurance can be the difference in keeping the business going and closing the doors. 

There are 100’s of insurance companies out there and what each one has to offer can be very confusing.  Stop in or give us a call so we can help you set the record straight and have confidence in what you are paying for!

cynthia woltz insurance agency commercial life

Commercial Insurance

With proper planning and protection you can have peace of mind that your family will have the financial means to take care of those last minute expenses. Whether you are looking to leave a legacy for the next generation or just making sure you don’t leave a burden on your loved ones, we have the policy for you. 

“This is the last insurance you will ever need! From covering your final expenses or leaving a legacy for the next generations, life insurance can be the necessary piece to the puzzle to show your family what they meant to you! Don’t let your legacy be a gofund me campaign.”

About Our Life Insurance

Life insurance can be a difficult thing to purchase.  Many people struggle addressing their own mortality and what that would mean for their family or the people around them.  Since this is so uncomfortable, many people choose to ignore the situation or say they will deal with it later.   We have seen these loved ones in our news feed time and time again pleading to friends and family to help support them in their time of need, asking for anything you could spare.  Don’t let your loved ones be caught in a funding campaign instead of being able to properly mourn their loss of you.

With proper planning and protection you can have peace of mind that your family will have the financial means to take care of those last minute expenses. Whether you are looking to leave a legacy for the next generation or just making sure you don’t leave a burden on your loved ones, we have the policy for you. 

We work with multiple different companies so that we have a wide range of products to offer our clients.  Have pre-existing medical issues? NO PROBLEM. We have guaranteed issued products with little to no underwriting.

Looking for something to cover the financial needs of your children in the event of your untimely passing? We have large term policies that can offer anywhere from $100,000 to MILLIONS to help your family stay in their home if the unexpected did occur.  With policies costing less than you spend on lunch, why wouldn’t you provide your family with the protection they deserve?

cynthia woltz insurance agency commercial flood

Flood Insurance

With the ever changing weather we have seen a large increase in the need for flood insurance.  Many people are caught off guard to discover they do not have coverage on their homeowners policy for water rising in their house. 

“At the time that quaint little creek in the backyard starts to overflow, knowing what you are paying for and having confidence in your coverage is what allows our clients to sleep at night.”

About Our Flood Insurance

The definition of a flood in the terms of insurance is usually defined as: A general and temporary condition of partial or complete inundation of two or more acres of normally dry land area or of two or more properties.

Although this definition may sound very specific it happens more frequently than most people realize.  Although flood may not be as common as traditional homeowners insurance that doesn’t mean it is any less valuable

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