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The most trusted Insurance Agency in Jamestown, NY

Cynthia Woltz Insurance Agency

Cynthia Woltz Insurance Agency is one of the best Insurance Jamestown in NY to offer
various insurance services to different clients. We provide multiple products to provide
your consumers with the protection they require for complete peace of mind. We work
with several insurance brokers who can provide specialized coverage for your vehicle,
home, recreational, auto, commercial, flood and many more. We understand that dealing
with internet comparison sites that don`t seem to want to talk can be challenging at times.


We, as Independent Insurance Agent Jamestown NY, are a team of expert insurance
agents assisting you in obtaining an excellent value policy. We are available round the
clock to help our clients in case of any insurance-related issues.

Depending on the sort of business, commercial insurance can take many various forms.
We, as Insurance Agency Jamestown, New York, cover everything from General
Liability to Errors & omissions.

Life insurance can help you with everything from funeral costs to leaving a legacy for
future generations. Our Insurance Agent, Jamestown, New York, leaves nothing
behind in offering the best services to our customers.


It couldn`t be easier to use our price comparison service. We, as Independent Insurance
Agent Jamestown, NY, take a few details from you before showing you estimates from a
variety of suppliers. You`ll be able to simply compare pricing and benefits, and you`ll
even be able to customize your coverage, choosing between completely comprehensive
insurance and somewhat less expensive third party or third party, fire and theft cover.
You may even compare the costs of monthly auto insurance versus purchasing your
coverage altogether. Get in touch with our Insurance Agent, Jamestown in New York
and get a free quote for the service you need.

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Our team is well-educated, kind, and eager to help you with whatever problem you’re having. They pay attention to your issues and assist you in selecting the best product for your needs.

Insurance Products

JAmestown, NY Insurance Services

Our experts are well-educated, kind, and happy to assist our Jamestown, NY clients with any issue they may have. They listen to your concerns and help you choose the finest insurance package for your needs. We can compare your current policy with a variety of insurance companies at no additional cost to determine who has the best potential offer on your insurance.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance may appear straightforward at first glance, but it isn't until we walk our clients through a thorough review of their coverage. We will offer the most affordable vehicle insurance in Buffalo, NY. As the finest source of Auto insurance Jamestown New York, we take pleasure in guaranteeing the needs of our clients.

Home Insurance

In many cases, your home may be your most valuable asset. It's a symbol of your hard work and financial investment over the years. Wouldn't it be nice if the corporation responsible for its protection treated it the same way you do? In this instance, the best supplier of Home insurance Jamestown New York will aid you.

recreational vehicle insurance

Recreational vehicles come in a wide range of designs and sizes. We, as Insurance Jamestown NY, are your one-stop shop for all of your insurance needs, from your ATV or motorcycle to your more complex motorhome!

Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance can take many different forms depending on the type of business you operate. From general liability to errors and omissions, we've got you covered. As a result, we've earned a reputation as the leading source of Business insurance Jamestown, New York.

Life Insurance

Whether it's covering your final expenses or leaving a legacy for future generations, life insurance could be the missing piece in the puzzle to show your family how much they meant to you. Get the finest coverage of life insurance in Jamestown, New York.

Flood Insurance

Flooding occurs more frequently than most people believe. Flood insurance isn't as common as normal homeowners insurance, but that doesn't diminish its importance. It is just as necessary as the other insurances we require.

Get Your Insurance Quote

You deserve better and we are better. After 30 years experience offering insurance services to our clients in Jamestown, NY, and Buffalo, NY, we have been able to put processes in place that help you understand what and why you are buying the insurance coverage.
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